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Missions-Catalyst-no-tagline_largeIn this issue: St Patrick, Captives freed, famines, and Jesus sightings

  1. MIDDLE EAST: Jesus Appears to Jailer, Leading to Release of Imprisoned Pastors
  2. BANGLADESH: Despite Persecution, Christianity Exploding
  3. NIGERIA: Christians Cry Out as Authorities Begin Church Demolition
  4. SUDAN: Czech Aid Worker Released, Two Sudanese Pastors Remain in Prison
  5. MADAGASCAR: Witch Doctor Finds Peace in Christ
  6. KOREA: The Blossoming of a Mission Movement

St patrick headerGreetings,

We are just two days away from my favorite holiday celebrating a person: St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish but I am named after him as I was born one day before his day. I’ve come to think the March 17th revelry (which sometimes gets out of hand) as a Western version of India’s Holi Festival.

If you’ve been a Missions Catalyst reader for long, you may have noticed I like to leverage “holy days” for the Great Commission. Could St. Patrick’s Day be the least leveraged and most powerful holiday for mission mobilizers?

Christ’s words to love our enemies come to life in the story of Patrick. What stories could be more relevant for the church today? Read and share the stories of some modern-day Patricks below.

Celebrating saints past and present,

Editor’s Note: I (Marti) was pleased to come across a new book about missionary monks which gives Patrick a whole chapter. Reading it now!

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One thought on “World News Briefs”

  1. We got some reader email on this one… and you might be interested in reading it.

    Jay from, wrote:

    “Thanks for your bits on Patrick; what a good man he was! I don’t have a MOVIE for you…but I want to make sure that you’re familiar with the book, Celtic Way of Evangelism. I haven’t read the update – but appreciated the clear and uncomplicated manner in which Hunter unpacked a GO vs. COME approach to cross-cultural ministry.”

    Missions Catalyst superfan Gaylene wrote:

    “I go all out on St Patrick Day. We eat corn beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, green jello, green milk, irish soda biscuits…and choc mint ice cream with root beer.

    “But the best part is I tell the story. I have handouts and quizzes! And this is at the family plus company dinner Can you tell I am a teacher? I think it is the best story that we have all wrong.

    “I have picked up some great lesson plans along the way, but my favorite book is “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahil. It’s a great missionary story for Christians, but also he just did so many good things like encourage literacy.

    “For teachers, check out Gateways to Better Education.

    “Have fun and wear green! Yes St Pat is an opener to some great conversations.”

    Alert reader Nina said,

    “Ever since I learned about St. Patrick in Perspectives, about 5 years ago, I have been trying to start my own grass-roots movement. I have a dream of churches redeeming the St Patrick’s Day holiday and making it a Missions emphasis. We can teach the true story of his life and work and then share what is going on currently.

    “I wear my green, Indian sari on the Sunday closest to the 17th and hand out small flyers with St Patrick’s story. Some day I hope that my pastor will allow our missions committee to make a “day” of it and really do it right!

    “I also wanted to share that although I don’t know of any movies, I did find an excellent book about Patrick’s work called “The Celtic Way of Evangelism.” (I found it on Kindle – which was cheaper) I loved it. You may have already read it but if not, I highly recommend it.

    “Well, Happy Birthday (tomorrow)! And thanks for sharing your passion for St Patrick!”

    Finally, long-time reader Lorena added,

    Rodger Nelson portrays a great St. Patrick. I don’t think he is doing these anymore as he is getting older, but I know he has them on video.”

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