DISCUSSION: Refugee Crisis—Trojan Horse or Macedonian Call?

Source: The Mission Table

Our friends at Sixteen:Fifteen and their ministry partners are preparing to release a new series of web-based interactive conversations to help us dig deeper and explore fundamental questions about the mission of God.

New episodes of The Mission Table will be released on a monthly basis and feature a great lineup of prominent mission speakers dealing with critical issues. The next episode debuts March 8 and will be a discussion of the current refugee crisis. Are the waves of displaced people a Trojan horse? Or are they a Macedonian call for the Church?

Future episodes deal with child sponsorship, compassion ministries, business as mission, responding to radical Islam, and more.

Even if you are confident in your views on the topics explored in each episode, The Mission Table could be a good place to get fresh perspective and consider how to respond to the views of others.

» Learn more, register for the first episode, or sign up to receive updates. You can watch and participate in these conversations for free.

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