Missions Catalyst 04.21.04 – Resource Reviews

In This Issue: Two New Books

  • BOOK: Beyond the Ranges
  • BOOK: Exploring World Mission: Context & Challenges

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BOOK: Beyond the Ranges

From: WCLbooks.com

By Kenneth Latourette, Eerdmans Publishing, 1967, Hardcover, 161 Pages.
The autobiography of Kenneth Scott Latourette, tells of his experience as a student volunteer in China, how he lost his health and his faith, and how he then recovered to become the greatest mission and church historian of all time.

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BOOK: Exploring World Mission: Context & Challenges

From: worldvisionresources.com

By Bryant L. Myers, World Vision Resources, 2003, 96 pages, also on CD-ROM. Author of the best-selling books The Changing Shape of World Mission and The New Context of World Mission, Myers draws on the most current resources available, including the latest editions of Operation World and World Christian Encyclopedia, to bring you the most meaningful picture of where mission is heading in the next century and why.

Using bold graphics to display the most current data, Myers traces the historical roots of Christian mission and examines the context of mission in today’s world. By examining the latest trends in population, economics, politics, religion, children, and the church, Myers shows us our greatest challenges and interprets them as our greatest opportunities to affect our world. First by seeing our world the way God sees it; second, by obeying the command to love God and neighbor; and finally, by acting according to Jesus’ compassion, compassion with an attitude.

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